The steel that transforms tomorrow



The constant environmental concern is in ArcelorMittal Vega’s DNA.

Since its foundation, efforts have been focused on the preservation of
natural resources.

With sustainable practices, Vega shows its environmental commitment.

It develops products and processes that reduce consumption and
environmental impact,

and also stimulate the reuse of natural resources.

Due to investments in high technology equipment and economic measures,

the ArcelorMittal Vega Plant has doubled its production capacity without

generating a significant increase in water consumption.

The result: more than 98% of the water used in industrial processes comes
from recirculation.

Industrial effluents and sanitary sewage are carefully treated at the Effluent
Treatment Plant.

They are treated by physico-chemical, biological and
disinfection processes without the use of chemicals,

complying with the increasingly demanding environmental quality requirements.

The efficacy of effluent treatment is evaluated through the ecotoxicological

monitoring carried out both in the plant and in the surroundings of the

diffuser of the submarine emissary in Praia Grande.

This monitoring is done through living organisms such as
shellfish, algae and bacterias, which serve as bioindicators of environmental quality.

Like effluents, the atmospheric emissions generated by industrial processes
are controlled and treated by high technology equipment.

Their efficiency is verified through periodic monitoring that guarantees air quality.

The efficient use of resources and high recycling rates are part of the
company's environmental policy.

ArcelorMittal Vega manages all the waste generated in its processes,

guaranteeing its correct treatment and destination.

The environmental management policy includes work on mapping and waste
generation evaluations. They allow the reuse of almost all materials,

sending a minimum amount to either sanitary or industrial landfills.

An example of this is the treatment of waste from food preparation and postconsumption in the plant’s restaurants.
This material is made into fertilizer
and used in the seedling’s nursery for the cultivation of native species in
the Natural Private Heritage Reserve.

ArcelorMittal constantly reinforces its values by ensuring a balance between
steel production and the use of natural resources.

By adopting sustainable practices, Vega demonstrates its commitment to
human beings. It invests in research and innovation to make safe and
sustainable quality steel, respecting the needs of people, today and

We are the steel that transforms tomorrow.
We are ArcelorMittal Vega.